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Inspiration and other facts

The idea for this entire comic is based on a documentary I watched about Salisbury cathedral. Basically it said that the gardeners had to be careful because the thorns on the rosebushes in the graveyard carried tetanus. I got similar stories about roses from my dad who used to be a gardener for a cathedral. And it got me thinking, what if the roses had a connection with the dead and gave you psychic powers if you pricked yourself on its thorns.

Hildesheim is a real place and the thousand year old rose is also real. It was a bit of a godsend really because it made an almost perfect setting for the story. Although I made up some of the stories and situations about the town and Cathedral, a lot of it has an element of truth to it. Germany is such an interesting place and I definitely want to go there one day.

Jayke was a character from an earlier story that I wrote with my friend Lora. He's changed slightly over the years but he's always been a miserable bastard, but as I've grown up he's become more cynical.

Maria was created specifically for this story. I wrote her part with the intention of balancing out Jayke's depression. Therefore she's the eternal optimist in the story as well as being able to give a lot of information about what's going on since she has a morbid fascination with the occult.

Music - Lately I've been introduced to Tokio Hotel. Some of their stuff is actually quite good and put me in a good mindset for drawing.

Languages - Also if anyone is fluent or semi fluent in German it would be great if you would contact me. Since I only know a tiny bit and have been too scared of getting it wrong and it would be pretty cool to have at least a bit of German included in the comic. Feel free to e-mail or PM me with any suggestions.

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